About Us

‘Dowa Media Group Limited’ is a media company and news agency. The company launched a joint online business license in 2018. Later, in 2020, during the pandemic, it changed its name to a sole proprietorship and launched as ‘Dowa Media Group Limited’. This company basically collects various information from all over the world and publishes it in the form of news and articles in various news portals, blog sites, online magazines. In addition, this organization conducts online news agency activities, news Collections activities and news publishing activities. This company mainly produces its online content in three formats: articles, audio, video. This company produces content for online news portals, online TV and online radio. Moreover, they have their own online news portal, online TV and online radio. This company’s online content creation programs are designed for Bengali speaking people spread across the globe. Although ‘Dowa Media Group Limited’ started operations with an online business license in 2018, currently the company’s license is registered in the UK. At present, all the activities of ‘Dowa Media Group Limited’ are being conducted as per the guidelines approved by the UK Government. ‘Dowa Media Group Limited’ is mainly working with information and news in the global virtual world with these two languages, Bengali and English.